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What is Tempo-Team


We are determined to find smart solutions that are custom-made for each individual situation, always one step ahead.

With over 2,300 employees and a network of more than 400 branches, we place around 46,000 candidates every day.

Tempo-Team offers a wide range of services. From temporary staffing and permanent placement to a comprehensive range of specialized HR services including professionals, inhouse services, search & selection and outsourcing.

Tempo-Team is part of the Randstad Group and has subsidiaries in four European countries.
For the first time, Tempo-Team was first founded in Diemen in the Netherlands in 1969. Since then, the company has expanded to 2 other European countries:

Belgium and Germany.

In time, other markets will follow. We are committed to boost labour participation in every country where we set up our operations. 

Our philosophy

Tempo-Team thinks differently. Jobs aren't just a job for us. They are a way of life. We are interested in people and what is really driving them. We talk to hundreds of candidates every day.


In short, we pride ourselves on understanding your needs and acting on it.


Taken all of this knowledge together, we deliver simple and efficient HR solutions, focusing on pragmatics without losing sight of our candidates' and clients' interests.


Tempo-Team (NL)

Corporate employees: 1.650
Branches: 275
Staffing employees: 32.000
Local services: staffing, professionals, inhouse services, payrolling, outsourcing, employability
Specialties: logistics, food, industry, hospitality, public sector, healthcare, financial services, teleservices
Other: N°2 in the Netherlands

Tempo-Team (D)

Corporate employees: 200

Branches : 41

Inhouses: 17

Staffing employees: 2.300

Local services: staffing, permanent placement, professionals, inhouse services, outsourcing

Specialities: industry, finance & office, engineering 


Tempo-Team (BE)

Corporate employees: 491

Branches: 75

Inhouses: 58

Staffing employees: 11.295

Local services: staffing, inhouse services, professionals, search&selection, outsourcing, service vouchers, HR-services

Specialties: industry, office, technical, medical, child care